Artificial Intelligence Applications of Graph Search Algorithms
Peter Wei (pwei)
Sarah Chen (swchen)

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Current Schedule
(4/18-4/22) SARAH will finish implementing the graphics interface and world generation to properly showcase our parallelized D* Lite algorithm. PETER will begin parallelizing D*Lite on the CPU using OpenMP.

(4/23-4/27) PETER will continue improving D* Lite concurrency and parallelism on CPU. SARAH will create the test harness.

(4/28-5/1) PETER will implement dynamic maps to run our algorithm on. SARAH will test D*Lite on variable graphs and check for best and worse case scenarios.

(5/1-5/4) SARAH and PETER will both debug and finetune the algorithm for possibly minor speedups.

(5/5-5/9) Final tests and data analysis. Write up final report. Prepare for the competition!

*We expect that if time permits, we will also port our CPU solution to GPU and improve performance on that platform.

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